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The importance of the bike frame

Release date: 2016-10-24 Browsing number:

    1. The frame determines the type of the car. For example, if you want to assemble a DH car, will you go to the choose and buy a 1400 grams of GIANT XTC - TEAM? Or in other words, you will not be in your own lightweight XC put a DNM travel for up to 20 cm shoulders front fork? Of course not. So, the type of frame has decided the type of the car. 


    2. The frame directly or indirectly affects all aspects of the car's performance. What affects the maneuverability of the car? What determines the stability of the car? What determines the speed of the turn of the car? What determines the comfort level of the car? Whether XTR suite, whether ROCKSHOX front fork? Yes, but it isn't. Because want to make these parts to use their strong fighting capacity, we must lay a good foundation - frame. A frame and a 200 yuan, 2000 yuan of the frame, even if the last pack out into car prices are exactly the same, the actual ride up feeling will be poles apart. 


    3. The size of the frame to determine whether the car right. Even if the right frame of the sort, performance is also not bad, but if the size of the frame is not appropriate, it is like chicken ribs, can only give up what one favours. Because size is not the right car ride up not only not good exercise, and may cause injury, and even bring great safety hidden trouble. This in more detail below. 


    More than we have a general impression on the importance of the frame, let us to know the soul of the car. 

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