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How to adjust the height of the folding bicycle saddle

Release date: 2016-10-24 Browsing number:

    1, [shares under the size x 0.885]

    The most appropriate saddle height is calculated by statistics (under the stock size x 0.885). The formula of the pedal axis center to distance, as well as the sole thickness into account, so the difference between the amplitude of 10 ~ 20 mm should be taken into account.

    2, sitting on the saddle adjustment.

    Ride the bike, put on socks and shoes and clothes they placed the crank on the tube of extension, reaches the bottom dead center, pedal and parallel to the ground. Then move the saddle height to make the heel come into contact with the rotation of the foot position (please people standing by to help you move the saddle).

    3, knees bent slightly can best

    By the above method to adjust the height of the saddle, when the position of the foot from the farthest, knee can bend a little, can leave room.

   4, from below micro adjustment

    Slightly lower saddle, when unbend foot and then the action of bending is smooth, the rotation of the crank sex. But the crank feel knee bends too to the top dead center, or around the knee muscles feel tired easily, increase the saddle 5 mm to adjust.

    If every time when trample down, waist down move, or use tiptoe to trample, below the knee muscle easy tired, to 1 mm unit moves down the saddle observation.

    Adjust the Angle of the saddle, make lumbar stability sitting on the saddle. Saddle position before and after, if too forward, waist more easily tired. Rather too backward, become far distance between the body and the grip, neck and shoulder tired easily.

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